Lon Gundie told by the founders

Posted on November 07, 2019 by Team LG

Lon Gundie co-founders, Dori Bruno Hurwitz and Seth Bruno, in an interview with Sail1Design on how the base layer business got its start.

“The gear is fun, happy, interesting, and smart and when you wear Lon Gundie, we want you to feel like anything is possible. We want you to feel that you have the power to create “no ordinary moments”!”

Full interview:

Thank you Sail1Design! We are very proud to be your partner!

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Why we all need HAPPY Base Layers in our Life

Posted on March 01, 2019 by Team LG

What is a HAPPY base layer?

Base layers are an essential piece of equipment. That’s right, we said it: “a piece of equipment”. You wouldn't play squash without a racket, nor would you luge without a sled; so, why set out for a day of adventure without Lon Gundie? Through what is referred to as 'capillary action' (highly scientific for wicking), this second skin serves to manage moisture and to keep you dry and comfy. The equation is simple: feeling good + looking good = going the distance.  Ahhh, happy.

Which fabrics are best for base layers?

Base layers come in three basic materials: wool, silk, and synthetic. Wool is naturally antimicrobial and is very warm. On the flip-side, wool is not quite as fast drying as a synthetic fiber and is sometimes itchy. Silk, while often modified to enhance wicking, wicks more slowly than a synthetic; but, it is the least bulky and is typically quite soft. Synthetic fibers blend the best of both materials: great water wicking properties, warm, comfortable, and can be silky smooth. Synthetics also have the ability to take on finishes like anti-bacterial (stinky free) and spf (sun block). In the end, it’s really about preference. Do you prefer an itchy, smelly, not so quick drying fabric or, would you prefer a cozy, sweet-smelling, luxurious one like WinterwarmTM

How should a base layer fit?

Over its storied history, the base layer has had many monikers: long johns, long underwear, thermals, first layers, second skins. Generally speaking, they are supposed to fit as all of those labels might suggest: snuggly. Yet the idea of snug is super subjective. We prefer to think ‘fitted’ or 'body-contoured', rather than squished. The purpose of the winter base layer is to move moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric where it will evaporate right into thin air. If your base layer is snug, air circulating around your body will remain close to your skin and keep you warm. Let’s all say it together: snug, not squishy.



BRAVESKIMOM.COM Reviews Base Layers from Lon Gundie

Posted on October 14, 2016 by Team LG

The Brave Ski Mom

“You put Lon Gundie baselayers on and then you consider never taking them off. Since I received a set of winter Lon Gundie baselayers, I’ve found myself coming up with excuses to wear them, sporting the leggings under skirts and wearing the tops under vests and light jackets, with jeans. They keep me warm and looking good wherever I go.” -- BRAVESKIMOM

Read the full review at BRAVESKIMOM.COM

Meet Lon Gundie Olympic Brand Ambassadors Thomas Barrows and Joe Morris

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Team LG

Thomas Barrows

Thomas graduated from Yale in 2010 and went to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing for the Men’s Singlehanded Laser Class. Born and raised in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, he has always loved being on the water. On the sailing team at Yale, Thomas played a key role on and off the water. He was a two-time captain, was selected as an All-American four times and won the 2007 Singlehanded Nationals. After his senior season Thomas was named College Sailor of the Year. Now sailing with Joe under the US flag, Thomas is committed to winning a Gold Medal for the United States in the 49er class.
Joseph Morris From an early age, Joe had a desire to be on the water. An Annapolis native, and the youngest of five, he was the first in his family to take up sailing and raced anything that was around, old or new, from lasers, 420s, 505s, 470s, 29ers, to J22s. Joe enrolled at Yale University in 2008 and by his graduation he had been lucky enough to be named the 2009 NEISA Rookie of the Year, 4x All-NEISA Team, 4x ICSA All-American, 2012 NEISA Sailor of the Year, 2012 NEISA Senior Award for Sportsmanship & Performance, and the Dave Perry Award for Leadership and dedication to Yale Sailing. Graduating in 2012, two years behind Thomas, Joe left Yale with great sailing memories, but with hopes to win gold in Rio with Thomas.  

Lon Gundie wishes all the best to Team Barrows-Morris of US Sailing Team Sperry in their pursuit of Gold at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio.

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photo source: US Sailing Team Sperry / © Jen Edney
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Let it Snow

Posted on December 14, 2015 by Team LG

 Oh the weather outside is frightful... but Lon Gunnnndie's so delightful...
HOLD UP, IT'S 75 DEGREES OUTSIDE IN THE NORTHEAST! Don't be fooled, winter IS coming! Order by December 16th at 2pm EST to receive your items in time for the holidays. Always FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150...  ♫ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Welcome to Lon Gundie!

Posted on December 07, 2015 by Team LG

Welcome to Lon Gundie! We’re writing with much pride and happiness (and we have to admit, relief)! After almost two years in development, we are so excited to officially announce the launch of Lon Gundie, our colorful line of outstanding base layers. It all began with a mission: to develop high quality, snazzy looking base layers that really perform. While it took some time, we think we got it right. Lon Gundie blends the best of functional performance with modern innovation and looks amaaaazing!

Thank you, thank you, to all of our friends and family for your genuine support, well wishes and thoughtful advice throughout our journey - you know who you are!

We are ready for you!

Snow, Wind and Roll,
Team Lon Gundie

Size Charts
Women’s (inches)
Lon Gundie
US Numeric
0 - 2
29.5 - 32.5
23.5 - 26.0
33.0 - 35.5
4 - 6
32.5 - 35.5
26.0 - 29.0
35.5 - 38.5
8 - 10
35.5 - 38.0
29.0 - 31.5
38.5 - 41.0
12 - 14
38.0 - 40.5
31.5 - 34.0
41.0 - 43.5
Men’s (inches)
Lon Gundie
35.0 - 37.5
29.0 - 32.0
35.0 - 37.5
37.5 - 41.0
32.0 - 35.0
37.5 - 41.0
41.0 - 44.0
35.0 - 38.0
41.0 - 44.0
44.0 - 48.5
38.0 - 41.0
44.0 - 47.0
Junior’s (inches)
Lon Gundie
Avg. Age
6 - 8
48 - 50
22.0 - 24.0
8 - 10
50 - 54
24.0 - 25.5
10 - 12
54 - 58
25.5 - 27.0
12 - 14
58 - 62
27.0 - 29.0